Software 08 Nov 2023

Excelling Recording with Loom Video Software

Basics of Loom Video Recording

You can make brief videos with the screen recorder, Loom. The benefit is that the screen, webcam, and microphone recordings can be saved, recorded, and shared accordingly. Users can record videos using Loom’s screen recorder and video recording features to provide team members feedback, address customer service concerns, and foster teamwork. Hence, it becomes vital to learn how loom works!

Loom video software is an easy-to-use programme that lets you capture and share your screen with coworkers and clients. Installation and download are both free. The best feature is its ability to work with Loom Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Specifically, Loom for MacBook unlocks all the features perfectly!

Loom Video’s Teams and Users

What is Loom?

With the help of the screen-sharing and video recording technology Loom, teams can collaborate successfully without wasting time in pointless meetings. Loom video recording features quick recording, screen sharing, link sharing, video editing, emoji replies and comments, access controls, and sophisticated reporting.

Users can record their screen or a particular programme using Loom in addition to live recording for each video session. Each video session on Loom has a distinct URL, which enables video owners to distribute links to other users. Loom’s editing capabilities allow users to edit, cut, and add CTAs and unique thumbnails. Owners of videos can utilise access limitations to construct privacy filters, limiting views for those without a password or URL link.

How does Loom work?

Loom video offers a straightforward and cost-free way to record films and screen recordings with the push of a button, even when more expensive recording software can meet your demands. Loom does away with the requirement to buy pricey software. The Loom video programme interacts with your webcam and built-in microphone to quickly and easily record videos.

With Loom, you may record the information displayed on your computer screen and a video of you narrating. Using the camera-only mode, you can also record yourself. The step-by-step tutorial below will demonstrate using Loom for your upcoming screencast, lecture, or video of a special guest speaker.

Features of Loom Video Recording

  • Chrome, Mac, Windows, and iOS all support Loom video. Both a web extension and a downloadable app are options for it. Loom can also be integrated with Slack to distribute the videos along with project management tools as well.
  • Your videos will enable viewer interaction. Every time someone responds or comments, you’ll receive a notification. Answer queries from readers as soon as possible by using the comment section. Using a corporate account, you can check who has seen your films and where they stopped watching.
  • You can adjust the video replay speed to quickly advance through a previously seen movie if you need to find a scene or are in a hurry.

What Are the Loom’s Main Advantages?

The main justifications for using Loom video are as follows:

  • Loom video enables you to record anything that is happening on your screen simultaneously.
  • Instead of meeting with someone in person, you can summarise what you want to convey in a brief video clip.
  • Collaboration with your team is easier, thanks to Loom. Loom enhances collaboration, whether you work in person or remotely for the creation of the best web design services in Manchester.
  • Loom offers a quick forum where you may ask questions and get responses. The Jot Form provides Loom-based widgets that can be incorporated into many applications. Users get immediate feedback when these widgets are integrated into forms.

These kinds of time-consuming tasks may be made a snap with Loom. Here are some additional ways we communicate with Loom Video:

  • Our clients need training on utilising the CMS on their new website, just like we do for our team members. We produce straightforward training videos and respond to client inquiries with succinct snippets to keep things simple.
  • Async video in Loom makes it simple to share your vision with developers so that they can help bring it to life.
  • Clarifying problems and solutions: We can quickly show where our website development methods have failed by filming videos and providing instructions or explanations.

What Are the Loom’s Main Drawbacks?

Although Loom video software is easy to use, there are a few disadvantages that you should be aware of. These drawbacks can prompt you to search for Loom substitutes.


  1. Time limit for the video

On the Loom free plan, you can record videos for just five minutes. It is restricted to individuals who want to record videos for 7 to 10 minutes. It means that for users to access all of Loom’s capabilities, they must sign up for a subscription plan.


  1. The Number Of Videos You Can Produce Is Limited.

Loom’s free plan only allows 25 films per person. The video recording on Loom can be for 125 minutes and multiplying 25 recordings with 5 minutes each. After reaching your limit, you must delete videos to make room or upgrade to a paid service.


  1. Hosting Of Videos

Loom Video offers Loom HQ, a hosting service. To avail of the hosting facility, the user must pay more. Downloading your videos to your computer will save you money but also take up space on the hard drive.

Is Loom Appropriate for YouTube Videos?

Loom’s limited editing capabilities put a cap on the calibre of videos you can produce. Other options offer more editing options. Therefore, your use case and the reason you are producing films will dictate whether or not you use Loom for your YouTube videos. If you want to make brief movies to share with your team, Loom might be enough. Loom software might be less effective than other options to create in-depth or lengthy YouTube videos.

How to Design Using Loom?

Loom for Online Entrepreneurs and Course Creators

  • Use weave to make films for your online course, with or without you in the spotlight.
  • Talk about your ideas with your team or classmates.
  • Include brief loom videos in your marketing.

Courses Taken Online / Loom for Education

Teachers can give students personalised instruction using Loom. Loom also offers the option to contextualise assignments. Your students can stop and start lessons anytime, allowing you to record them beforehand. Thanks to Loom, students will find catching up on missed topics simple.

Is the Loom a smart investment?

Loom is a great investment for businesses and workers alike. It is an intuitive tool with advanced features to help businesses improve communication and teamwork. Although there are certain drawbacks, such as sporadic faults and glitches, the benefits far exceed the drawbacks. If you require a screen recording and video capture programme, Loom Video is a fantastic alternative to investigate. Hopefully, you got a great insight into how does loom works after reading this blog! You can get more updates about the Loom software when you’re here.