BMW logo history

Logo Designs 02 May 2023

BMW Logo History – The Logo Carries Its Fame!

The BMW Logo is shown in a propeller-spinning airplane in a 1929 BMW advertisement, complete with the four coloured quadrants. From that time, people believed that the BMW symbol showed that it was a propeller. The BMW logo’s meaning is important for the brand and the business. Being an automobile company, the BMW car sign or a symbol is a great brand recognition.

What is the Myth Associated With the BMW Logo Propeller?

Today, people think that the BMW Symbol is a rotating propeller. When the first logo of BMW came into being, the myth of a propeller ended. A rotating propeller on an airplane bearing the BMW logo was featured in a 1929 BMW advertisement. The interpretation of a BMW Logo’s meaning of propeller that highlighted the young company’s roots and expertise in aircraft construction blended seamlessly into its advertising image.

BMW Logo Explanation

The answer to the query “What does the BMW logo mean?” is simple. The emblem was designed with a focus on the Bavarian heritage of the automobile manufacturer. The organization’s history is honoured using the inverted colors from the Bavarian flag. However, other approaches exist to understanding the BMW logo or a BMW car sign. An excellent representation of inclusion, community, and connection is the use of interlocking circles. The “BMW” word mark is also purposefully written in a softer, sans-serif font to give the company a more approachable and inviting appearance. It is how the BMW logo’s meaning came into being!

BMW Logo History: The Current BMW Emblem

The BMW Symbol of today is a two-circle badge. The more extensive process surrounding this central image contains the letters “BMW” on a white background. Indeed, the BMW logo’s meaning has a rich history of significance!


Image Source : Fabrikbrands


BMW logo history

Image Source : Fabrikbrands


Image Source : Fabrikbrands

Simple sans-serif font in all capital letters is used for the BMW logo, just like the BMW Logo history. Like many other well-known automakers, BMW has used a similar image as its logo for a very long time. The white and blue logo can be seen on every piece of BMW merchandise, including the cars. Currently, the BMW logo’s meaning is significantly a sign of branding as a memorable sign for customers!

The Meaning of BMW Logo and its Origin

In the past, people believed that the BMW Logo represented a propeller. The BMW Symbol is still very popular today because of its font, color, and overall look. The expert concludes that it is not entirely incorrect to continue to think that the BMW emblem is a propeller. This explanation has become a self-replicating urban legend due to constant repetition relative to the BMW car sign. This interpretation has been widely accepted for 90 years, so it has developed some justification in that time, says Jakobs. This is how the question ‘’what does the BMW logo means?’’

The Iconic BMW Logo: A History of the BMW Logo

Over the years, the BMW logo’s meaning has mostly stayed the same. Although the company’s image has occasionally been changed, the development of the BMW logo amply demonstrates the origins of the original design. With the recognisable blue and white symbol, this design is remarkably like the one we are familiar with. When BMW decided to create a logo, the color scheme became the primary distinction between the current and previous BMW logos.

The color scheme is the primary distinction between the current and previous BMW logos. The circles and fonts of the BMW emblem are written in gold in this instance, with the BMW lettering set against a black background. The BMW logo features the inverse colours of Bavaria. Nevertheless, a company logo was presented to the fledgling business on October 5, 1917, as the BMW logo history has significance. The logo was also supposed to depict Bavaria, the company’s home state. The BMW badge features the white and blue of the Bavarian state in its inner circle quarters. They are, however, in reverse order. The BMW logo’s blue and white colours are arranged in reverse because, at the time, local trademark law required it.

The Symbol of the BMW Logo

Over the years, the BMW logo changed slightly, but not much! The BMW logo history is not unknown to the people! The people who are fond of BMW always wanted to know, ‘’what does the BMW logo mean?’’ However, the logo signifies a circle which has a chess in the centre currently. Also, the circle and chess are surrounded by a black outline. The transformation of the BMW symbol had always been very popular and remained in the customers’ hearts!

The Font of BMW Logo

The brand’s font name has changed and is now quite strong, even though the BMW car sign’s basic design—a circle with four colour segments in the centre that serve as the background for it—hasn’t changed much since the company’s inception.The designers needed to be more impressed by the original font’s serifs and relatively thin lines. The colour remained golden even though the writing became bolder than the BMW car sign. After that, the font became uniform, the notches disappeared, and the lines acquired a consistent thickness. White became the new colour, and the white (silver) font is still considered traditional for the brand.

The Color of BMW Logo

The BMW symbol’s color scheme was not chosen randomly; blue and white is a traditional Bavarian pairing. The colours chosen for this nation’s flag are also similar. The colours of the Bavarian flag remained important to the logo’s designers even though the shades in the design evolved—the blue became saturated and even turned into a blue one. It’s important to note that in the 1930s, the font’s colour changed from gold to white (silver). The company emphasised that it wanted to lower the price of high-end vehicles so that the middle class could afford them.

Light for the Braking System Warning

The brakes on your car are one of its most crucial safety features, so you must act immediately if you notice this warning lightly. The failure of the hill assist feature is indicated by a yellow brake system warning light on a BMW car. When the BMW car starts on an incline, the driver holds the footbrake and first let go of the parking brake. Indeed, it is a feature to keep the car safe and secure. When starting up any hills, use caution if there is a problem with the hill assist.

In a Nutshell

The BMW Company maximised its operations because of automobiles and is a popular brand. However, the BMW symbol shows fame, honor, and excellence for the company. The customers have also idealised the logo since its inception. For many years, the company BMW revamped the logo in various ways in terms of font, font color, style, and value! The BMW logo history remained a proper subject of significance for the company and its users.