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Web Development 22 May 2023

5 Benefits of Custom WordPress Development

The Guide to the Development of a Custom WordPress Website

Layout and Theme

A theme in a WordPress website is meant to make changes in the website design and layout. The front of a website is seen by the visitors, which becomes visible after the changes in theme. You have control over the appearance and presentation of that material when creating a WordPress theme.

You have many options when designing a WordPress website by a website development company in UK. Themes for WordPress are powerful. A theme is more than colour and layout; much like any other look excellent and not only looks exceptional and encourages visitors to interact with information on your website.

Development Environment

You must set up a development environment for a WordPress custom website. Setting up a local workshop where you can work on your WordPress theme is useful. You can design WordPress themes. The best place to create themes is on a server that will eventually host your WordPress installation. Indeed, the theme setting on your WordPress theme is useful.

WordPress and General Public Licensing (GPL)

The Custom WordPress development flourished in the spirit of openness and sharing due to key values at the core of its licence. The phrase “free software” emphasises freedom over cost. Users are free to utilise free software however they see fit. Whilst those hosted on the theme directory are, it is not required to be free.

The GPL freedoms also extend to works generated from GPL-licensed software; these works must adhere to the same licence without any limitations or additional conditions. It ensures that anything created with free software cannot be “closed down” later; it must always be available for trial and exploration. In this way, the GPL offers the highest level of freedom protection.

You do not need to utilise the GPL licence if you do not intend to share your theme. The GPL covers the only software that is distributed. The GPL is unnecessary if your software is solely used locally or by you and not distributed, such as a theme.

All CSS and image files in your theme must adhere to the GNU General Public License (GPL) if you want to submit it to’s free theme repository. Because the freedoms specified in the GPL are at the core of WordPress, we urge developers to publish their themes under a 100 per cent GPL-compatible licence.


The themes of Custom WordPress Development are designed for the widespread use and completely follow WordPress code standards. You can examine their theme files and save them as references for later use.

Furthermore, all themes are checked for standards compliance before being published in the theme directory. Reading through the themes in the directory is an excellent approach to learning more about theme development and obtaining inspiration for your theme.

Features of Custom WordPress Development

The process of WordPress custom development mixes simplicity for users and publishers with internal intricacy for developers. Because of this, it may be adjusted while still being easy to use. The fundamental capabilities of WordPress are listed here.

Also, you are not required to pay a licence fee to use the WordPress code in commercial projects or to expand or modify it in any way. That is the appeal of free software—you have total control over it, and it is free financially and in other ways.

  • Simplicity

The rule of thumb is to develop a custom WordPress website with ease. It includes the convenient uploading of content and images. The difficulties can result in late website publishing, so WordPress is the right platform!

  • Ease of publishing

Through WordPress, it becomes easy to create various posts and pages. Hence, this software makes adding relevant images, media, and content convenient. It is a go-to platform where the website can be put on the live button after including the necessary data and images.

  • Compliance

The website will be beautiful today and in the future because of WordPress. The code generated by WordPress complies with W3C standards in every single instance. As a result, the website will function properly in current browsers and continue to work correctly in future browsers.

  • User Management

Administrators manage the site, editors work with the content, authors and contributors produce it, and subscribers can access their profiles. This lets you have a range of website contributors while allowing others to participate in your community.

  • Stress-free Themes

WordPress has three basic themes, but if you don’t like them, thousands of other themes in the theme directory can help you create a stunning website. You can upload your theme with just one button click. Redesigning your website from scratch just requires a short amount of time.

  • System and Upgradation

Many web providers offer one-click WordPress installers, which let you set up WordPress with only one simple click. Instead, you can establish a database, upload WordPress using FTP, and launch the installation if you’re familiar with an FTP application.

  • Freedom of Use

The foundation of WordPress is software freedom. The GPL, which was created to protect your rights, is the licence that WordPress is provided under. WordPress can be installed, used, modified, and distributed however you see fit.

  • Own Your Data

Hosted services change over time. You understand how upsetting it might be if you’ve ever used a discontinued service. You’ve probably been angry if adverts have ever appeared on your website. If you use WordPress, nobody can view your material. Be the owner of your data, including your website, content, and data.

Benefits of Custom WordPress Development

  • Spontaneous Interventions

Fortunately, this platform is simple enough for novice developers to use. As they are accessible, WP developers can use intuitive interferences with ease. The developers can easily add new graphics, information, pages, and videos.

  • Customizability

The WP theme’s simplicity of customisation is another noteworthy characteristic. You only need to gather their demands to build a customised WordPress website for your consumers.

  • Variety of Plug-ins

WordPress has a tonne of plug-ins included. You may make your website more enticing to visitors and potential consumers by utilising them. Developers can easily construct specialised plug-ins to design websites tailored to their customer’s requirements.

  • SEO Friendliness

Due to this, most WordPress websites typically appear at the top of Google search results. It occurs because codes are straightforward for search engines to index and rank on top sites.

  • Security Features

Pre-made plug-in security is a worry for the majority of web developers. On the other hand, using a customised WordPress theme is a safe choice because you may add a bespoke feature to make a well-protected website.

How to Develop a Custom WordPress Development Step by Step?

WordPress is by far the most widely used CMS available right now. The vast majority of consumers and business owners can develop a website with it that satisfies their needs thanks to its simplicity and adaptability.

  • Relevance with a Business Goal

Before hiring a WordPress development company, it is vital to identify the goal of getting it done! To capture a larger target audience, it is vital to have a full-fledged WordPress website. Different scenarios are presented to scale the business and test market response to solutions.

Before spending much money producing a scaled-down version of your product, it is wise to go this path. Using a custom WordPress development design, you may preserve your brand’s presence in the domain while reaching a broader audience.

This lets you learn firsthand what your target market believes about your product, what modifications should be made, and which characteristics stand out. The following stage is to create the requirements that will help you realise your idea once you’ve recognised it.

  • Inclusion of UI/UX Designs

For your business goals to be met, your website design is essential. Your idea is transformed into a format that the WordPress developer can work with the help of the UI/UX design. Before starting a design, the UI/UX designer or design firm solicits project manager and business analyst input regarding website demands based on business and technical requirements. The website’s features, functionality, and interface are subsequently designed using it. Because the design process results can vary, this stage is more fluid than others.

  • Development and Testing

The design is turned into a functioning website using the framework in this phase. What do we mean exactly? The wireframe developed by the UI/UX designer is sent to a WP developer, who then puts it into practice to make sure the website exactly matches the interface. This comes easily with custom WordPress development.

Setting milestones with specific deadlines is the easiest strategy to guarantee that every actionable page is deployed within a reasonable timeframe. You may give the developer a deadline to finish a certain feature. You ought to have a fully operational custom WordPress site by the time this phase is over. Once complete, you should test the website with a small sample of users from your target market.

  • Website Launch, Maintenance and Updating

Your custom WordPress site’s launch phase is very important. A fully operational support crew may be required to manage enquiries in the case of Woo Commerce. You need to monitor user comments on your platform. Take the necessary actions to implement recommendations.

The upkeep of websites requires a budget. After all, you must begin developing your budget from scratch. Market your platform to encourage widespread usage through Custom WordPress development. This is sacred because you will receive more feedback from more users. This, in turn, affects the degree of progress that can be made.

Developmental Challenges

  • Data-related Concerns

For developers, connecting to the database can be problematic or nonexistent. When a website’s administrator wants to modify its content, this problem is usually evident. The error notice “unable to connect to the database” will appear.

Double-check the information you typed to ensure it is consistent with the necessary inputs to fix the issue of erroneous connection data. For more information in case of a server or hosting provider fault, contact your WordPress hosting platform.

  • Using Plugins Excessively

The popularity of plugins among custom WordPress development designers is one of the key causes. Web designers risk becoming overly dependent on this technology because there are already over 59,000 plugins available in the marketplace.

Many non-technical web designers only utilise these plugins since they need to learn about HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript. Moreover, research has shown that overusing plugins slow down WordPress sites. Working with a web development company with technical expertise in the necessary programming language is essential to tackle this issue.

  • The Reaction Time of a Website

One of the main causes of delayed loading on certain custom WordPress sites is overloading the website with too much content in a short period.

The goal of building the custom WordPress development will be defeated if you post a lot of information on your website because the buildup will cause a long load time, hurting your Google ranking and increasing your bounce rate.

Use a dedicated hosting server with enough bandwidth for your website. Regular debugging tasks should also be carried out, and obsolete content should be removed from your website.

WordPress Themes vs Custom WordPress Development

The use of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin separates the creation of a bespoke WordPress website from using a pre-made template. You may add sophisticated features to your WordPress website using this plugin. Custom WordPress development involves modifying an existing template to reflect your company’s style.

  1. The use of custom WordPress development is a practical solution for handling a very complicated scenario. On the other hand, developers are only permitted to alter WordPress themes by the specifications of the content management system.
  2. The website designer uses the template to obtain the desired website design, alter it, and publish it on a WordPress sub-domain. On the other side, custom WordPress development permits the deployment of unique features created to satisfy your business needs.
  3. WordPress templates are often simple to use and create. It can also be built quickly, cheaply, and fast. However, a team of backend and frontend developers who employ more advanced technology than WordPress are typically needed for custom WordPress development.

Innovative Things to Know More About Custom WordPress Development 

What Benefits can You get from Creating a Bespoke WordPress Website?

We’ll go through some of its advantages so you can determine whether developing a custom WordPress platform is a wise choice for you:

  • It is well-known. 
  • It can be sold quickly. 
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • SEO Compatibility
  • Safety                                 

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Q. What are the costs for developing WordPress specifically to my requirements?

Ans: Your specifications will solely affect how much the job will cost. The easiest strategy to get the greatest value for your project is to create a list of your criteria before starting any project. The specifications and complexity of the project determine Design Gravity’s pricing in most cases. We offer a range of packages and tailored rates depending on the project’s scope.

Q. Is the website you created with WordPress secure?

Ans. As said earlier, the custom WordPress development website is secure compared to its rivals. To maintain your website, you can purchase plugins or employ a team of professionals. Of course, your agency has a staff of professionals. You can quickly move between tasks and access the most recent information.

Q. What makes custom WordPress maintenance important?

Ans. In many respects, custom WordPress development is superior. It creates a distinctive appearance, as was already said. Also, you are free to handle your platform as you see best. Keep reading if you’ve been trying to understand the differences between custom WordPress development and themes.

Q. Is it feasible to modify the website’s font?

Ans. After designing your WordPress website, you can always add your custom typeface. Because all you have to do is download the font from your computer, it is easy. Place it in your WordPress website’s font directory. After that, create a specific font folder, then check to see if the font has appeared on your website.

Q. Can I change WordPress themes without losing my content?

Ans. Most of your usual site elements won’t be affected by changing themes. Besides your new theme’s fresh aesthetic, everything will remain the same regarding your posts and pages. Nothing negative will happen to your articles or pages when you change themes.

Q. Should I use WordPress or create a custom website?

Ans. WordPress is a suitable option if you need to quickly design a straightforward website devoid of complex features. Consider scalable, custom-made solutions that will save you money if you anticipate needing to customise your website soon.